Feed Wrangler

Official blog of the Feed Wrangler syncing service.

Written by David Smith, the creator of Feed Wrangler.

Starred Items Feed

Until now Feed Wrangler has been focused mostly on helping you manage and read your feeds. Features like Smart Streams and Filters are all about letting you focus in on the articles you are most interested in. Today I’m rolling out a feature targeting the other end of an articles life.

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Decisions and Tensions

This past weekend felt like deja vu with an online reading service drawing negative attention for redirecting their shared links away from the original site and instead pointing them to their own servers.

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Web Based Podcast Beta

Following hot on the heels of the recent Pod Wrangler 1.1 update I have some fun news about a feature that is coming to the Feed Wrangler website. Pod Wrangler is an iOS app designed mostly around listening to your favorite podcasts while you are away from your computer. Whether that be during your commute, while out for a run or doing chores around the house. This is great right up until you hit a Driveway Moment—when you are finished with what you are doing but can’t wait to finish your current show.

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Feed Renaming

I just added the ability to rename feed subscriptions within Feed Wrangler. This has been the most requested feature for some time and if I’m honest it is a little embarrassing that it took this long to get implemented. You can change the name of feed in the Manage Feeds are of the website. This will be coming soon to the API and iOS Client as well.

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